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Merci à tous pour tous ces bons moments passés ensemble, mais le forum ne repartira pas, il sera bientôt supprimé. A bientôt sur FB Smile

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 Adrian sur seattle the end 107.7 mars 2009

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Admin-so no doubt, so addict
Admin-so no doubt, so addict

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MessageSujet: Adrian sur seattle the end 107.7 mars 2009   Jeu 19 Mar 2009 - 17:46

Interview d'Adrian sur une radio de seattle

Pris sur BSO
Adrian mentioned how the tour is a great way for the band to reconnect. He confirmed that Steve and Gabe will be on the tour,as well,saying the tour would not work without them.About Paramore being the opening act, he said he had heard some of their songs on the radio and liked them,and that he thought they would be a ”perfect fit” for ND. When asked which songs wouldn’t be played on the tour,he metioned that since the concert will be about an hour and a half long, obviously some of their catalogue wouldn’t be played. The DJ was a huge fan and when she admitted she had 13 copies of Tragic Kingdom,Adrian laughed and said he had about 45 copies of it in his closet,lol. The DJ asked if his hair would undergo any chnages for the tour,and he said probably not,and that decisions like that were ”gametime” ones. He mentioned again that he will be talking to Mason about his wardrobe(or lack thereof) for the tour.

Et voici un extrait du blog d'une dj de cette station de radio
Yesterday I got an email from harms that said Weds at 12:50 I would be interviewing ADRIAN YOUNG the drummer for NO DOUBT…… I AM SO NERVOUS…

I mean, it’s a phone interview, thankfully that gets rid of a little bit of nerves, but not really.

We do so many things with amazing bands. Weezer comes and does a concert where you can also be on stage and play with them, we do endsessions and meet and greets with bands all the time, and I am always like, ‘oh man this is so cool’ but my excitement is never at the ‘passing out’ level…

This may be the ‘Passing Out” level… OMG! I used to have pictures of NO DOUBT all over my wall! I had 13 copies of TRAGIC KINGDOM (I’m going to lie and say 7) when I interview Adrian cos I don’t want him to think that I am psycho….. I was “gwen stefani” for halloween for years and years…..I named one of my bands “The Gwen-A-Bee’s”….. (oh come on i was 12) and No Doubt’s music is totally one of the biggest influences on what shaped me into who I am today……

and to be able to talk to Adrian, is making me so nervous!! I didn’t sleep very much last night, and my stomach is in KNOTS.. I’ve met Tom Delong, Travis Barker, Tom Morrello, Paramore, Nicole Ritchie, The Dudes from Goldfinger ect. ect. ect. but this is killllllllliiiinnnnggggggg mmmyyyy nervveessss…

I posted “I am interviewing Adrian from No Doubt” on my facebook, and a friend I went to high school with wrote me back “don’t be nervous, you’ve been waiting your WHOLE LIFE to talk to him!”

That’s just what makes me nervous….I’ve been waiting my whole life to talk to them!!!

I’ll post the interview ASAP!!

Adrian a mentionné que la tournée était une bonne façon pour le groupe de se retrouver. Il a confirmé que Steve et Gabe en ferait partie, car une tournée sans eux, ça ne serait pas pareil.
A propos de Paramore qui sera la premiere partie de la tournée, il a déclaré avoir entendu quelques unes de leur chanson a la radio et a bien aimé et pense qu'ils seront parfait comme introduction a nd.
Quand on lui a demandé quelles chansons ne seraient pas jouée sur scène,he metioned that since the concert will be about an hour and a half long, obviously some of their catalogue wouldn’t be played.
La dj qui est une grande fan a avoué posséder 13 copies de Tragic Kingdom,ce qui a fait rire Adrian qui a ajouté qu'il en avait au moins 45 dans son placard
La DJ a demandé si ses cheveux allaient subir un nouveaux traitement avant la tournée mais il a répondu que cétait peu probable, et qu'en general ce genre de décicion étaient juste pour le fun. Il a nouveau mentionné qu'il demanderait a Mason pour les costumes pour la tournée[u]

ωould чou s∂γ theγ find me unst∂ble' C∂use theγ see me ∂ct ∂ little bit diffeſent

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Adrian sur seattle the end 107.7 mars 2009
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